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This is a story of five generations

Five generations that since the end of the 1800s until today, shifted constantly to create something important for the entire community.

Dal Degan family is permeate of agriculture since from its beginning, one of our ancestors was a teacher in a evening Agriculture school; this attention and love for agriculture and cultivation was transferred from him to all the future members.

The production company started in the second half of 1800s with great grandfather Nicolo Dal Degan who opened a small store in “San Giorgio di Perlena” where he began to produce sprayers and sulphorators. Unfortunately, in that period viticulture was deeply suffering of new diseases and the request of means to protect the plants was high.

This began a new chapter in the history of our family. These sprayers, based on their quality and efficiency, soon conquered the farmers in the surrounding areas.


We work under the motto:
"Quality is our name!"

Dal degan




Before the beginning of First World War

Grandfather Antonio Dal Degan (grandson of Nicolo Dal Degan), took over and moved the production facility to Mason Vicentino where, in a professional manner, began to produce copper knapsack sprayers. As this production is seasonal, he didn’t stop with the sprayers but added new products, based on agriculture demand: containers made of copper and zinc, many kinds of buckets, barrels, sulphorators, bellows for beekeepers, bellows for the smithy, mould for cheese, pumps for transferring oil and a lot of other products.

In the 1930s and 40s the factory was recognized at the national level as “Factory of metallurgy A. Dal Degan”. Proud with his range of products, he began to visit the agriculture machinery fairs in Vicenza and Padova, in Verona, Trent and even reached a well known fair in Trieste.

With the arrival of the 1940s came the new production facility that soon began with new and modern machines which made for an easier production process and Dal Degan also began hiring the first non-family employees.

A very important year in our family business is the distant 1954 when Mr. Antonio Dal Degan, our grandfather, constructed his first machine connected to an engine and started by belts. These pumps were installed on wooden carriages with wooden reservoirs. This emergence of the first Dal Degan pump has led to many production system changes which has improved the entire process.


In 1972, father Antonio

Gave the leadership of the factory to his children, and to the factory was given the name "DAL DEGAN F.LLI Snc di Nicolo e Giulio".

In the 1980 started the first revolution in our production system. With 40 employees and six family members that directly contribute to administration, and sales; new projects soon began to expand out of the European continent. The production became more professional, the products more requested, and with the modern machines our delivery gets quicker and easier.

In the production facility entered new modern machines for the production of plastic parts and plastic tanks.

In 1994 the factory by the law passes to Ltd. and gets a CE certificate which is just another confirmation of the seriousness of our work.

In 2000 we met the standards quality ISO 9001 witch gives us the opportunity to export our products to the farthest parts of the world.

In 2002 our manufacturing facility reached 10.000 square meters with just as much storage space. In the same year we were the first in Italy, and in Europe to get the certificate Enama for the knapsack sprayers with the plastic tank. Of course this pulls a large production development in the area. We also started producing motorized sprayers for gardening and motor sprayers that provide outstanding results for fruit growing and viticulture.



The distribution network

Our products continues to expand and our production program participates in many international fairs in Italy, German, France, Spain, Poland, Greece and other countries.

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Protect your plants

Our story is our wish to introduce you to the history of a family that is not only thought for producing fine agricultural products. Starting with great grandfather Nicolo, then his son Antonio, then grandson Antonio, and great grandsons Nicolo and Giulio, we get to the fifth generation of Antonio, Alberto, Corinna and Elisabetta; in all of us beats a heart filled with love for agriculture and agricultural mechanization.